Dia dos Namorados


As in the other part of the world, Portugal also celebrates the Valentine’s Day (Dia dos Namorados) to honour the great Saint Valentine. Portugal youngsters and adults celebrate the festival.

Portugal’s Valentine’s Day is almost celebrated in an American style. The Portugal tourist spots use to wear the perfect look of romance long before the arrival of Valentine’s Day. Youngsters wander the streets with romance in their heart and smile on faces. Gift baskets are of the greatest attractions of Portugal. Portugal made gift baskets are shipped across the world because the beauty of their craft. Portugal people also make homemade gift basket.


Gifts are very important factors for making a perfect Valentine’s day. They are considered to be the symbols and expressions of love. Portugal people see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity which allows expressing your feeling for the partner of their life. So they exchange gifts like chocolate candies, flowers, candles and gift basket which have numerous romantic things in it.

People exchange red rose bouquets as an ancie and long living symbol of their love. The street shops in Portugal cities will be selling thousands of flower bouquets on the day. Youngsters exchange gift baskets on the day with chocolate candies and candles. Each gifts basket contains tiny and cute valentine greeting gifts in them. Lovers use to write love messages in it or they depend on the printed romantic lines in the cards.

Did you know that Valentines day in Brazil is celebrated on 12th June which is Saint Anthony’s Day Eve. Although Saint Anthony’s Day is celebrated in some countries on January 17 in association with anthony the great. Saint Anthony (of Padua)’s Day Eve or Saint Anthony’s Day is a day of religious observance for many in Brazil and his homeland of Portugal

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